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Monday, December 7, 2009

TX Father/Son Repo Team's YouTube Challenge

Here's the story from

HOUSTON - They brag about having the fastest hook in Houston -- a father and son team who get paid to steal your car.

16-year old Jesse Broussard V shares his father's name and his calling.

The Broussard family business is automobile repossession and their wrecker is built for speed.

"It loads in about four seconds," said the teen's father, Jesse Broussard IV. "We've altered this truck to make it as fast as we can."

While the dad drives, the son aims his Blackberry out the rear window, shooting video of some repossessions.

Jesse Broussard V then uploads the clips onto the video-sharing website

"I've had a lot of people shocked at how fast it is," said Jesse Broussard V. "A lot of the other Repo Men can't believe how fast it is."

On their page, the Broussard father and son combination have issued a challenge. "Anyone who has a faster truck, send us a video," said Broussard IV. "And so far, six months, nobody's sent it."

Jesse Broussard V's YouTube Page:

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