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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rolling My Eyes...

Guess the Salahis are getting all the media attention they wanted and more since they crashed the White House party. From

WARREN COUNTY, Va. - There's more trouble with the law for Tareq Salahi, and this time FOX 5 has discovered that he's been charged with petty larceny for allegedly stealing the keys to the tow truck that was sent to repossess his car last year.

During the Salahis big court appearance in Warren County District Court last week while they refused to answer questions, their 2006 Audi A8 was ticketed for having an expired inspection sticker. FOX 5 has learned that the same car was at the center of controversy last year, resulting in Tareq getting charged with petty larceny of $200.

According to a Warren County Sheriff's Office police report and the criminal complaint, the Salahis were more than $5,500 behind on car payments, so a tow truck driver was sent to repo the car.

According to statements made by the tow truck driver to Warren County Sheriff's deputies that responded to the scene, the driver was met by the couple in the driveway, and when the driver told the Salahis he was there to repossess the car, Tareq told Michaele to go into the house and get the gun.

The driver says then Tareq grabbed the keys to the tow truck and ran into the house and closed the garage door. According to a 911 call placed by Michaele, she tells the dispatcher that a male subject outside had assaulted her husband.

According to the sheriff's department report, when deputies responded, Tareq told them that the tow truck driver assaulted his wife and that the driver should be arrested. The report also states that Tareq called the loan company while the deputies where there and made a payment by phone, allowing him to keep the Audi.

In the final exchange made between the responding deputy and Mr. Salahi, the report states that the deputy told Tareq he didn't appreciate him not telling deputies the truth, to which Mr. Salahi asked the officer, 'Are you calling me a liar?' The deputy responded, 'I guess I am.'

The arrest warrant states that the charges will be dismissed if Tareq remains on good behavior between now and the next court date on this matter in April 2010.

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