Friday, September 30, 2011

Coe 4 OR Senate!

Go, Gary! Here's a letter we received:

 As a business owner for close to 45 years now, I have witnessed a dramatic increase in the burden placed on businesses by the actions of our State legislature. Ever-increasing taxes, excessive fees and piles of new regulations are threatening our current small business owners and discouraging new entrepreneurs from investing here.

A large part of the problem that we have in our State today is that we have a relatively small number of legislators who have ever worked in the real world and/or signed the front of a paycheck. Despite gains this last election (2010), there are still too few individuals representing us in Salem who truly understand what it takes to bring real economic growth and prosperity to our State.

It is because of my deep commitment to improving our economic climate that I have decided
to run for the Oregon State Senate in 2012. My home in Sylvan is in Senate District 14, now held by Democrat Senator Mark Haas. Senator Hass and I hold a very different view on the role of government in our lives, and I know I am better suited to challenge the status quo, engage our regulatory agencies, and offer tangible solutions that will lead to long-term economic improvements.

         Small businesses create the vast majority of new jobs. The solution to promoting small business does not require any bailouts, special treatment, or harsh changes... It's very simple: To get Oregon's economy back on track and put additional people to work, we absolutely must reduce regulations and lower taxes (and in most cases, "fees") on businesses and business owners.

         As the owner or managing partner of several Oregon businesses, I know first hand the challenges and road-blocks caused by local and state government. I have testified many times before the Portland City Council, Multnomah County Commissioners, and numerous other municipalities in the greater Metro area. In addition, I have testified at committee hearings during every legislative session since 1981 about business issues. I know my way around the Capitol and possess an intimate knowledge of the process of crafting and passing legislation. Most importantly, I know how to walk in the door and immediately get to work.

Those who know me know that I have been a tireless worker in every arena. My work ethic is strong. Speed's Towing has been the dominant player in greater Portland for over 30 years. Pacific Cascade Towncar is most prominent at our airport's upscale transportation island. I have served as President of the Oregon Tow Truck Association and the Towing & Recovery Association of America, and two terms as President of the Central Eastside Industrial Council.

To win this race I must not only raise money but also outwork my competitor. This is going to
be one of the top Senate races in Oregon this year, and the Senate Republican Caucus has made this a top-tier race, with the control of the State Senate hinging on my victory. Because of this, it will probably cost as much as $500k to adequately get my message out to the voters and ultimately win.

The reality of the modern political campaign is that incumbents have a major fundraising advantage. As a business owner with a long track record of honesty and success, I am asking you to invest some of your hard-earned money with me. I promise to follow through on my pledge to represent you and all the rest of the hard-working Oregonians who make our State great, and restore some common sense economic principles to our State government. I cannot do this without your help, and I thank you in advance for your support.
Gary Coe

GARY COE FOR STATE SENATE // P.O. BOX 25283 // PORTLAND, OR 97298 // 503-789-2071

Wallace was devoted to work, family and friends | Herald Times Reporter |

Wallace was devoted to work, family and friends | Herald Times Reporter |

Our condolences to the family and acquaintances of Bill Wallace, 64, longtime owner of Custer Street Towing and Repair in Manitowoc, WI. He passed away on Friday, Sept. 23, from complications of lung cancer.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wes Wilburn Consulting News

Here's the press release:

Wes Wilburn, founder of Wes Wilburn Consulting and is one of the most active instructors involved in towing and recovery industry. It is at this time he is proud to announce the addition of a new instructor, Patrick Zozaya. This will enable Wes Wilburn Consulting to provide additional opportunities for training & certification to the towing industry.

Although Patrick a new addition to the company he is not new to the industry.

Patrick is a second generation tower and has been in the industry for nine-teen years.

Patrick began as a student in a Wes Wilburn Consulting training class and continued on to help Wes instruct his training classes.

Patrick Zozaya actively works with Ewing Brothers Towing in Las Vegas Nevada and currently holds a senior management position.

Patrick also has conducted many classes with other organizations such as Los Angeles City, CA and the Las Vegas Fire Depts. which he instructed on his own. Patrick also is involved in many different types of volunteer work including interacting with the local school districts and many regional fire and rescue teams.

Patrick Zozaya is an Accredited Riggers Trainer through a OSHA / N.C.C.C.O recognized school.

Wes Wilburn Consulting now offers Level 1 Riggers training & testing included as part of the Rotator & Heavy Rigging course and attendees can become recognized as a  Certified Level 1 Rigger by OSHA Standards once they have completed the class and have passed a written test. The first one of these specialty classes was held in Pennsylvania during July of this year, the class was completely full with attendees. There was nothing but positive feedback those that participated.

Wes Wilburn Consulting will only offer two more of these Rotator & Heavy Rigging classes this year:

·         October 1st and 2nd in N. Franklin CT
·         October 29th & 30th in Las Vegas, NV

April Davis (Testing Administrator for Wes Wilburn Consulting) states “We are very excited about the talent and enthusiasm Patrick brings to our organization and the insight he adds to all of the courses we offer”

“We now have so much demand for our training classes we are proud to welcome Patrick to the team and we are continuing our search for towing instructors. We are so excited to share this new opportunity with everyone. For more information about our program or becoming an instructor please contact us at 910 486 8928 or” said Wes Wilburn.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Appeals court in Norfolk backs sailors in towing case | |

Appeals court in Norfolk backs sailors in towing case | |

A federal appeals court has ruled that the government has the right to sue on behalf of service members whose vehicles were towed and sold while they were deployed.

The U.S. Justice Department, on behalf of a Navy sailor, sued Aristocrat Towing of Norfolk alleging that the company illegally towed the sailor's car and sold it within a month to pay a storage lien. The government now believes Aristocrat did the same thing to at least 20 service members, according to the lawsuit.

When Navy Lt. Yahya Jaboori returned from the Iraq war in late 2007, he discovered his car was missing from his condominium complex in Virginia Beach. He later learned it had been towed by Aristocrat and auctioned in less than 60 days, without a court order.

U.S. District Judge Robert G. Doumar said in an earlier ruling that service members shouldn't have to worry about their personal property when serving their country.

"In war, a person facing an enemy must be able to focus on accomplishing the task at hand," Doumar wrote. "This is difficult if the individual is more concerned about what happened to his or her automobile."

In a ruling Monday, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals agreed, rejecting Aristocrat's attempt to have the case thrown out. It sent the matter back to Norfolk for trial, now scheduled for December.

At the time the suit was filed nearly three years ago, it was believed to be the first of its kind in the nation. A similar suit is pending in the Newport News federal court, but in that case the sailor hired his own attorney.

Tim McGlone, (757) 446-2343,

Fleet Sales West Announces New Organizational Structure

Here's the press release:

“In this business environment, more competitive and demanding than ever, we have now come to a point where we must streamline our operations, and pinpoint proactive steps to ensure success and profitability,” states Donna Coe, Sr. VP, of the three companies she and Jim Walsh, President own. General Managers and Administrative Coordinators for Fleet Sales West, Woodburn Oregon, Chevron West, Sacramento, and Golden West Towing Equipment, Anaheim, met today by video conference to learn of the roll out of this new structure.
Robert Carey, Vice President of Operations, will focus on field operations, establishing clear performance metrics and standardization of processes, providing support and direction at each dealership level..
“Standardization of operations will also be a key focus to enable us more fluid production and to help us keep pace with market demands -  these are all areas we feel have massive upside potential,” says Carey.
Carey brings to the companies 27 years experience in strategic business management.  He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Purdue University, and has been through several prestigious strategic planning and business management training programs. Having worked with the dealerships for several years in a consulting role, Carey is familiar with the market, product lines and processes.
Having been with the company since the outset, Mary Brunick served as dealership controller and lead for the administrative assistants in the 3 stores.
With a Business Information systems degree, she has 10 years experience in the accounting field and had built a clientele list as an Oregon Licensed Tax Preparer.  However, the ever increasing demands of her responsibilities with the dealerships necessitated her setting that enterprise aside some time ago.
“I am pleased to be working with Robert Carey on our mutual projects and am excited to be able to refocus on the budgeting and financial management more closely,” says Brunick.
Brunick will now narrow her focus to more financial planning and budgeting, continuing to provide support and direction to the administrative coordinators in their accounting and supporting roles to the dealership general managers.
She will be working with Carey on budgeting, setting revenue goals to meet budgets, and other related functions. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Goodyear Offers New Online Resource For On-Highway Truck Service

Here's the press release:

Fleets and owner-operators looking for consistent, reliable and friendly on-highway truck and commercial tire service have a new online resource from The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.
The UNI-MAXX TRUCK CARE network Web site,, provides transportation industry professionals with information about Goodyear’s recently launched on-highway truck service network, which encompasses more than 70 locations.
“The UNI-MAXX TRUCK CARE network is dedicated to providing consistent products and services to all of our customers,” said Clint Schrock, director of on-highway operations for Goodyear. “Our new UNI-MAXX Web site will help direct truckers to network locations and will inform them about the diverse portfolio of products and services that we provide to help keep their trucks on the road.”
The Web site contains the following features:
• A searchable map of participating UNI-MAXX TRUCK CARE locations;
• Details of UNI-MAXX TRUCK CARE network offerings, such as preventive maintenance, tire service and 24/7 roadside assistance, as well as a list of the other services offered at UNI-MAXX TRUCK CARE locations, including DOT and CSA inspections, brakes, belts, electrical and suspension work, gear box changes, U-joint replacements, and more;
• FAQs, news releases, and other general information about the UNI-MAXX TRUCK CARE on-highway network.
The UNI-MAXX TRUCK CARE network currently has two members: Wingfoot Commercial Tire Systems LLC, a Goodyear subsidiary, and Boss Truck Shops Inc., a subsidiary of Bosselman Inc., both of which participate through their on-highway Wingfoot Truck Care Centers and Boss Shops locations, respectively.
Many of the network’s shops are located at Pilot Travel Centers and Flying J Travel Plazas. “This gives fleets and owner-operators convenient access to our broad spectrum of products and services,” said Schrock.
“Drivers want to be treated fairly and professionally in a consistent, cordial manner that puts their interests first,” he added. “The new UNI-MAXX Web site represents Goodyear’s ongoing commitment to helping drivers secure the products and services they need, when and where they need them, according to the highest professional standards.”
Goodyear Commercial Tire Systems offers a broad portfolio of products and services to the commercial fleet industry, including a full range of original equipment and replacement tires. This includes the 24/7 fleetHQ Solution Center, national programs, tire management tools, online information, and business problem-solving tools for tomorrow’s commercial fleets. For more information on the fleetHQ program, go to 

Sad, Sad News From IA: Details of fatal crash known; 'why' isn't | The Des Moines Register |

Our condolences to the family and acquaintances of Jesse J. Inman, 29, and Daniel Walsh, 60, both with Hanifen Towing, who died on Sept. 13 after a semi crashed into the vehicle they were attempting to tow from the side of the road. The semi's driver and the driver of the disabled vehicle also died. Here's the story:

Details of fatal crash known; 'why' isn't | The Des Moines Register |

Officials said they know how the accident happened that left four men dead last week near Grinnell.

But it is still a mystery why the semitrailer truck that caused the accident ran off Interstate Highway 80 at around 7 p.m. Sept. 13.

Authorities have checked out several factors.

Other truck drivers in the area at the same time said they weren’t having major issues with glare from the setting sun.

The last text message or phone call on the phone of Herbert Arthur Terrell, 54, the driver of the semi-truck that caused the wreck, was at noon that day — seven hours before the crash.

And Terrell was within his maximum allowed number of driving hours, authorities said.

Hiner trucking uses electronic records, said Iowa State Patrol Trooper Chris Starrett, which means time cards can’t be altered to misrepresent the number of hours a person drove.

Toxicology reports won’t be available for several weeks, Starrett said.

Whatever the reason, the semi driven by Terrell left the roadway.

A flatbed trailer driven by James F. Langolf, 50, had broken down and pulled onto the shoulder. Jesse J. Inman, 29, and Daniel Walsh, 60, both with Hanifen Towing, arrived to assist the truck.

They parked one vehicle in front of the flatbed to hook onto it. Another parked 50 to 100 feet behind the scene with its lights flashing to warn oncoming motorists. That vehicle was eventually to tow away the trailer portion of the broken-down truck.

The truck driver and one of the tow truck operators were standing behind the truck. The other tow truck driver was between the truck and the tow vehicle.

The semi driven by Terrell struck the vehicle parked behind the other two. That caused the truck to jack-knife and strike the broken-down truck, pushing it into the fourth vehicle.

All four men died at the scene.

It’s unclear how fast the semi was going at the time; authorities said they didn’t find mechanical problems with the vehicle.

Investigators found marks at the scene associated with tires skidding sideways during the initial impact, but none indicating attempts to brake afterward. They don’t know if that’s because Terrell simply didn’t have time to take evasive action or if he was incapacitated in any way.

Still, Starrett is hoping he can eventually figure out what caused the collision.

“I would hope that we would figure it out. Four people are dead,” he said. “But circumstances like this, sometimes we get lucky and do find a reason. Sometimes we don’t.”

Matheny Motors Expands Into WV

Here's the story:

PARKERSBURG - Matheny Motors in Parkersburg is expanding into Nitro, W.Va.
Matheny Motors finalized plans last week on the 3-acre, 25,000-square-foot facility in Nitro to locate a new commercial truck division and a second factory outlet store, company president Tim Matheny said.
The new dealership, which features a 17,000-square-foot service and repair center, will carry Frieghtliner, medium- and heavy-duty trucks, Hino, Thomas Built Bus, Miller Industries' towing and recovery equipment and Landoll Trailers.
"As we are approaching our 90th year in the truck equipment industry, I am excited to be able to offer a complete and full-line of trucks and equipment to our partners in the trucking, coal, oil, gas, construction, towing and transportation fields," Matheny said.
Matheny said the Nitro facility will open the company to new markets in the southern coalfields.
Matheny has taken over the former Turnpike Chevrolet used car facility in Nitro. Matheny Motors factory outlet will open next month with the truck division expected to be open around mid-November.
A grand opening will be held next spring.
The new site will employ 20-25 people, Matheny said.
The company employs 135 full-time and 25 part-time personnel in three states.
Matheny Motors was established in 1922 and has five locations: Parkersburg, Mineral Wells, Nitro, Marietta, Woodbridge, Va.
Matheny Motors is an authorized dealer for Freightliner, Volvo, Hino, Isuzu, Thomas Built Bus, Miller Industries, Landoll Trailers, Buick, GMC and Suzuki.