Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Everyday MI Tow Hero Honored

Kudos to Bryan Hudson of Merl's Towing, who was honored by American Towman last weekend at the tow show in Baltimore!

Here's the FOX 17 story and video:

KENT COUNTY - A tow truck driver from West Michigan was honored for saving the lives of three people, including a 90-year old man. It happened last December when he pulled them from an icy lake.

Bryan Hudson had just finished a job when an SUV plunged into Reeds Lake, flipping over on it's roof. A Kent County Sheriff's Deputy called for help. Bryan went in.

"I did my job. When I was done I went home showered and went back to work, after I retrieved the vehicle out of the swamp," said Hudson.

His boss says he's proud of Hudson.

"We're just happy Bryan was there at this time to take care of what needed to be taken care of and he's been recognized for it," said Mark Fredette, Owner Merle's Towing.

Each year American Tow-Man magazine selects 10 drivers for going above and beyond their job.

Here's the video:

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Jane said...

Hey Hudson!! Congrats for your achievements.. Even I proud of you..

That's wonderful man..!!

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