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Monday, December 14, 2009

A Plea From Hybrid Hazards

When Fire Hits Home - You just can't believe it actually happened?
House Fire Destroys everything on Potter St - Cranston, Rhode Island Nov. 22nd, 2009
leaving family of 7 - Homeless in a matter of seconds.

This is a special donation page set up by Patrick Bonanno from Hybrid Hazards Co. Warwick, Rhode Island 401-781-4357 in behalf of my family members Stephen and Lisa Hay, my 3 grand children, my step daughter and boy friend.

On Nov. 22nd - approx 4:30AM their home on Potters St Cranston, RI when up in flames leaving all 7 of them homeless in a matter of seconds
At first we had all of them pile in with my wife and I, but thanks to the Red Cross are now in temp housing waiting for insurance to kick in.
The fire totally devastated the house and everything inside that everyone owned that morning and to make things worse, it was Stephen's birthday.

The good news that we are most grateful for is that NO ONE WAS HURT / all of my grandchildren who normally sleep upstairs in the house were at a sleep over at a relative's house that night - thank God. All 4 grown ups got out of the house in time without injury --- All 4 grown ups have full time jobs and are going to work every day since the disaster struck and all of my grandchildren are right back in school as usual. / whew!

Now everyone involved totally understand that the economy is in the dumps and people are out of work and homeless every where you look, so our kids and grand children understand that this Xmas will for sure be much different then those in the past. I've told them all to be grateful we all have each other in times like this and don't expect much of anything great to happen between now and Xmas financially or materialistic for that matter so try to relax as much as you can and enjoy each other's presence.

Because of the fact that I have access to web development tools and know how to generate online input forms, I had to make an attempt to reach out to everyone I could contact in order to attempt to bring in a few dollars in their direction / thus the creation of this special donation page.

If you can spare a few dollars in their behalf I assure you it will be well appreciated by myself, my wife and my entire family!

There isn't much more form me to say here, except that the donation buttons are below.

God Bless all of you for being here today!
Whatever is collected between now and Xmas will be handed to the family here at my house on Xmas morning in hopes of enlightening their journey to recovery! Those of you who prefer to send a check please make them payable to:
"Stephen Hay" and mail them to C/O Stephen Hay - 75 Wingate Avenue - Warwick, Rhode Island - 02888

Please do not mail gifts because there is hardly enough room for them to live right now where they are all staying and they have (0) storage.

Click here to donate securely online.

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