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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Everyday WI Tow Heroes

Kudos to the father/son team of Craig and Gerald Goldbeck for their honesty, especially in these trying economic times! Here's the story from the Lacrosse Tribune:

Craig and Gerald Goldbeck were trying to scare up money last week, but found it in an unexpected way.

The men were calling on customers of their Goldbeck Towing business in Onalaska when they noticed something on Hwy. 16.

"That looks like money laying there," Craig Goldbeck said. His father agreed.

"Sure enough, it was money," Goldbeck said. "And a lot of it."

They started picking up $20 bills, some of them in stacks of four or five.

Somebody's got to be missing this, Goldbeck thought. They called police, and sure enough, someone was.

Earlier in the day, an employee of an area business - which Goldbeck said is a client and preferred not to be named - drove off with a bank bag containing $3,000 on the vehicle's hood.

An officer joined the search, and they eventually recovered $2,860.

Did Goldbeck ever think he'd hit the jackpot?

"It wasn't our money," he said. "That thought never crossed our mind."

The Goldbecks were rewarded for their honesty and sharp eyes: The business owner sent them a box of steaks.

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