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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Everyday AZ Tow Hero

Great story from East Arizona Courier! Kudos to Nutcracker Towing co-owner Nelson Rhinehart!

An Army veteran said he received his Christmas gift early when a tow truck driver from Nutcracker Towing came to his aid Friday after he was stuck in the snow on Mount Graham for two days.

Dan Olaughlin, 59, of Douglas is a disabled, terminal veteran who is living out his last days enjoying himself by camping throughout Arizona with his two dogs. He drives around in a 2008 Chevy Silverado with a camper attached on the bed but never strays too far from a Veterans Administration hospital.

He told the Courier he wanted to camp in some snow because it reminds him of Wisconsin, where he grew up. He headed up to Mount Graham on Dec. 2.When he reached his destination, he suddenly realized he had become stuck in about 6 inches of hard-packed snow. For the next two days, he attempted to shovel and free his vehicle, to no avail. Finally, he called the Graham County Sheriff's Office dispatch.

The dispatch operator called Nutcracker Towing of Pima, which then sent a truck to free the vet.

After arriving at about noon, co-owner and driver Nelson Rhinehart said Olaughlin said he didn't have money and wouldn't be able to pay him. Rhinehart freed Olaughlin's truck and gave him a receipt from Nutcracker without charging him anything. Rhinehart then followed Olaughlin and made sure he made it off the mountain without any more problems.

"I can't praise the guy enough," Olaughlin said. "He said 'Merry Christmas' and didn't charge me anything."

The normal cost to perform the service would have been about $200.

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