Friday, December 18, 2009

VancouverTow Companies Also Getting Ready For Olympics

Here's the News1130 story:
VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - With the Olympics on the way Vancouver towing companies have to prepare for the extra work load. And while it's the city that writes the tickets, it's the tow trucks that do the dirty work. There will be more cars on the road, more areas closed off and more anticipated breakdowns. Buses carrying athletes, spectators and dignitaries will also be crowding Vancouver streets in the months to come.

Vern Campbell of Buster's Towing in Vancouver says they have been making preparations in anticipation of the extra work. Campbell says that because so many zones will be closed, until people get used to it there will be an increase in work load.

Buster's will be assigning double the number of trucks to the road and have contracted with friends in the business to supplement the number of trucks should the need arise. And what happens if one of those buses carrying athletes or spectators breaks down? Campbell says Buster's has double tandem axel trucks that haul large buses at the ready.

But if you want to avoid being towed its simple; pay attention to the signs.

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