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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

SD Tow Company Owner Gets Huge Energy Bill After Fire

Here's the story from
A local Sioux Falls business owner was stunned when he opened what he thought was a normal energy bill that turned out to be over $7500. It was for a back charge on a faulty meter reading, but he is fighting these charges.

Mark Pyle owns A Plus Towing in Sioux Falls, and he recently received a bill from Mid American Energy for over $7500, many times more than what he was expecting.

He said, "Well you just laugh cause you think it's a misprint."

It wasn't a misprint, for that is what Mid American was charging Mark. In September an arson fire destroyed his business. After rebuilding, he turned on the heat to the building so that contractors could have heat, but his business didn't need another high-cost hit

Mark said, "It's just like kick you when you're down, in a way. I mean the only reason they found that there was a meter issue was because of the fire. I mean to me the equipment that failed is their equipment, not mine."

Mark has talked to the Public Utilities Commision who told Action News that this is still an open case and that there is some discomfort for what Mid-American is doing.

Mid-American also spoke with Action News, saying that they are aware of the situation and are working with the PUC and Mark to get this case resolved.

Northwestern Energy told Action News that if you think there's an issue with your meter reading you should have it checked, which is free of charge.

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