Wednesday, October 28, 2009

WA Horse Rescued By Tow Truck After Hours In The Mud

Here's the story from the Nisqually Valley News:

By Megan Hansen
Nisqually Valley News
Published: Friday, October 16, 2009 3:39 PM PDT
Rescuers weren’t horsing around Saturday when it came to helping Dare, a 7-year-old gelding who got stuck in mud up to his neck.

Crews from South Pierce Fire and Rescue, Gene’s Towing, Tacoma Equine Hospital and Pierce County Animal Control spent nearly five hours working together to save the horse.

Dare got stuck in a muddy ditch around noon Saturday on 341st Street East in Eatonville.

The more he struggled, the more he got stuck.

Deputy Chief Chris Grant was off duty at the time, but went to the incident after hearing a request for rescue equipment.

The only way to do it safely was to do a vertical lift, Grant said.

He’s worked with tow trucks in the past and knew they were capable of performing a vertical lift so he called dispatch to request a tow company.

Michael Myers, owner of Gene’s Towing arrived with a Class C tow truck to assist.

Before the horse could be removed, he had to be dug out at least to his stomach so harness straps could be fitted around him.

Veterinarian Meg deGravelles sedated Dare while firefighters gave him oxygen.

Once Dare was freed enough to attach a harness, rescuers used the tow truck to lift him out of the mud.

Crews checked for injuries and started Dare on an IV.

He was fine, Grant said.

The next day Dare’s owner told Grant he was doing just fine.

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