Wednesday, October 28, 2009

TN Tow Truck Driver Killed

Our condolences to the family and acquaintances of Eddy McCreery who was killed on Thursday, Oct. 22, by an alleged drunk driver while he was working to tow his daughter's car from the side of the road. Here's the WZTV Fox 17 story:

The family of the tow truck driver killed on Interstate-40 by an alleged drunk driver late Thursday night is preparing for his funeral tomorrow.

Hundreds of people have come from across the country to bid farewell to Eddy McCreery.

Tonight, the daughter who shared his last moments with him says she's outraged that her father's death could have easily been avoided.

Faith McCreery says, "A lot of pictures going through my head with everything. It's been really hard."

20 year old Faith McCreery can't stop thinking about her final moments with her father.

Eddy McCreary, a tow truck driver, was loading her broken down car onto his flatbed truck just before midnight Thursday when he was fatally struck by an alleged drunk driver.

Faith says, "The people that were right behind the girl that hit him-- they stopped immediately and started screaming for me because I was on the other side of the truck and.. I didn't know what to do and all I did was just run over to him and I just laid with him. I just laid there."

Police say Katrina Cornwell struck McCreary and drove off.

She was arrested about an hour and a half later.

She admitted to police that she was drinking.

Faith says, "That outrages me. It really does. And the fact that she's out right now, it really baffles me."

Cornwell paid 6,000 dollars-- ten percent of her bond-- and was released hours later.

But for the McCreery family, the tragedy of that night has changed their lives forever.

Eddy's wife Deena McCreery says, "To not be able to see him-- for him to come home at night and say, 'Baby, how was your day?' or 'I love you'... I don't get that chance anymore. And for her to be home with her family aggravates me very badly."

And perhaps one of the most frustrating things for the McCreery family is how easily this tragedy could have been avoided.

One bad decision took the man they say had the best personality, was a jokester and was known to help anyone.

Deena says, "Be responsible that you are not going to take the chance of taking someone's life like she took my husband."

Faith says, "Call a friend, have a responsible designated driver."

Eddy was a member of the Iron Order motorcycle club.

Hundreds of those riders, wrecker truck drivers, friends and family members will lead a procession beginning at 4:30 downtown Monday afternoon.

It will end at Phillip Robinson Funeral Home on Gallatin pike for his visitation and memorial service.

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