Friday, October 9, 2009

Future of TX's "Safe-Clear" Program Still Uncertain

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HOUSTON—A move to extend the city’s Safe-Clear program has hit a snag. On Wednesday, Houston City Council members decided to delay voting on a possible contract extension for the service for at least a week.

Council Member Jarvis Johnson raised a couple of concerns about a possible 5-year extension. He wants to make sure minority and women-owned businesses are fairly represented in the service.

Johnson said he’s also concerned about whether wrecker companies are playing nice with each other.

Some wreckers have complained that other tow truck drivers are infringing on their territory and stealing their business. Johnson said the new contract doesn’t even address the issue.

Johnson said Safe-Clear is a good program, but these issues need to be worked out before moving forward.

Safe-Clear gives certain towing companies the exclusive rights to clear disabled vehicles off the freeways during rush hour. Mayor Bill White has already touted the program’s success for reducing accidents and commute times.

The city’s current contract runs through next June. (Watch the news video here.)

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