Friday, October 9, 2009

Everyday ME Tow Hero Recognized

COURTESY PHOTO Jack Lowe, center, of Jack’s Towing, is honored by York police. From left, Sgt. Brian Curtin; Lt. Charles Szeniawski; Police Chief Douglas Bracy; Detective Matthew Calcina and Patrolman Scott Randall.
Kudos to the York Police Department's "go-to" guy Jack Lowe of Jack's Towing! Here's the story:

YORK — On Wednesday, Sept. 23, the York Police Department held a luncheon for Jack Lowe, owner of Jack's Towing in York, and presented him with a plaque of appreciation for his dedication to the police department and Town of York over the years.

Lowe has always been there when others are in need. Serving on the York Volunteer Fire Department, he is many times first on the scene of accidents and tragedies in the western end of York, letting responding agencies know what is needed. Aside from his duties involved in his towing company, he will help out officers at the scene by directing traffic and also helps the department's accident re-constructionists with equipment and measurements. Lowe helped pick up the 80-kilowatt generator that was donated last year by the York County Sheriff's Department.

He also stepped to the plate years ago when York badly needed a voter antenna to help emergency service providers communicate in the Route 91 area. The town was able to locate one of the town's four voter antennae sites at no cost. Again, when the department needed help building portable firearm target stands, Lowe was the go-to guy and was instrumental in helping to fabricate them.

Many of the department's officers attended the luncheon to say thanks. Lowe is simply a guy who just keeps on giving and never asks anything in return.

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