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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Everyday MA Tow Heroes: Statewide Towing Association

Way to go!

The Statewide Towing Association (STA) for several years has designated the Shriners as one of its charitable causes. For many years, the STA has held their Holiday membership meeting in the western region of the state, highlighted by the “Parade of Lights” procession of tow trucks to the hospital. All participants in the tow truck procession made free will donations to benefit the hospital.

The STA holds an annual trade show event to provide its members as well as towers throughout the Northeast, an opportunity to participate in valuable seminars, observe “real life” demonstrations, see the latest in towing equipments and accessories as well as network with their peers. The association is the second oldest in the nation, second only to California. Having learned of the financial status of the Melha Temple, the group decided to organize a fund raising effort during this years annual Tow Show in Chicopee (Oktowberfest) held on October 2-4, 2009. To participate in the procession, drivers were simply asked to make a donation. During the Saturday evening banquet, one of our members, Winn Street Sales & Service from Burlington, MA, presented a challenge to the group; he would match any donations up to $5000.00! Well that is all it took, towers reached deep into their pockets and by the end of the tow truck procession a total of $10,479.00 was raised to help the Temple.

STA Past President John Borowski explained that the hospital needs the Temple to be there to help keep the hospitals open. “This has been an outstanding show of generosity on behalf of the towers and I am proud to not only be a tower but also a Shriner”, Borowski said. STA President William E. Johnson said, “ The towers in this state work hard everyday to keep the roadways open and see many things that sometimes are very painful to families and children, this is definitely their way of giving back to people who are in need. I couldn’t be more proud of my industry and Statewide Towing Association.

STA President, William E Johnson and STA Past President, John Borowski made a formal presentation of the check to the Melha Temple on Longhill St. Springfield during a press conference on October 9, 2009.


Statewide Towing Association was formed in 1970 to educate and bring professionalism to the industry. STA started doing trade shows in 1972. This association has become one of the strongest in the nation. STA continually safeguards towers and the motoring public by working with the Commonwealth on regulated pricing and legislation.


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