Thursday, July 15, 2010

PWOF Helps Heavy-Duty Wrecker Operators Get Relief When Towing Overweight Trucks

Here's the press release:
The Professional Wreckers of Florida (PWOF) has announced new heavy-duty wrecker overweight permits for Florida intrastate travel.

PWOF executive director Mike Seamon stated that PWOF worked with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to develop one of the best overweight permit programs in the country. Heavy-duty tow operators in Florida will now be able purchase a $360 annual permit that will allow them to legally tow overweight trucks. Permit information can be found at

PWOF and FDOT agreed upon routes that the permitted heavier loads can use. The routes are highlighted on two maps that are viewable on Dispatchers can use the maps to efficiently plan the tow, relieving the driver of having to read printed maps.

PWOF President Drew Zuccala thanked the members of PWOF who committed time and energy to developing this program. “This beneficial program is a result of a great relationship between PWOF and FDOT and we thank FDOT for their support,” Zuccala said.

About the PWOF:
Located in Orlando, Florida, the Professional Wrecker Operators of Florida was founded in 1977 and proudly represents Florida towing company owners and operators. Visit

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