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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just A Little Safety Reminder For The Upcoming Holiday Weekend

Make sure your coals are out before you move the BBQ in your vehicle! Here's a cautionary tale from the UK's Kent Online:
A hapless barbecuer set his own car on fire.

The mystery griller was returning on Sunday morning at around 11am to pick up his barbecue from Island Wall, Whitstable.

Thinking the coals had cooled down enough from the night before he folded down the back seat and placed it into his Volkswagen Golf.

However the boot caught fire, destroying the vehicle and sparking a call-out for Whitstable fire station.

The car is now a write-off.

Firefighter Andy Hudsen said: "It was certainly one of the silliest call outs we have had this summer.

"Anyone who has had a barbecue should aways make sure the coals aren't hot before moving it.

"We would also advise that someone doing the cooking remain sober and people throw disposable barbecues away properly."

Whitstable fire station is also reiterating the message that people should stop parking irresponsibly.

Mr Hudsen added: "There have been several calls in Island Wall that have been difficult for us to get to.

"It is a narrow road and we struggle to get the engine down there if people park badly."

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