Friday, July 16, 2010

Everyday WI Tow Heroes!

Round of applause to tow truck drivers Keith Leathers and Jeremy Dorsey (it was his first day on the job, too!), employees of Bill's Towing in Baraboo, WI, for rescuing an elderly woman!

Here's the story from the Baraboo News Republic:

The quick actions of two towers might have saved the life of a woman who became stranded during flooding Wednesday night.

Keith Leathers, an employee of Bill's Towing of Baraboo, says his company received a call from an elderly woman whose car became stalled on a creek bridge near the intersection of Mirror Lake Road and Pleasant Valley Road.

The water was rushing over the bridge by the time the towers arrived and they had to remove a tree from the road in order to park nearby.

"The lady was sitting in the car with an oxygen tank and she was out of oxygen," Leathers said. "She said the car was already moving with the water and I was concerned the bridge was going to give out."

Tower Jeremy Dorsey, who was in his first day on the job, waded through 1½ to 2 feet of water to get to the car, Leathers said, and clamped a hitch to the vehicle.

Dorsey then got in the car with the woman to calm her down and steer the vehicle as it was pulled from the bridge.

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