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Saturday, July 10, 2010

FL Man Claiming To Be Marine Accused Of Punching Tow Truck Driver Over $5

Here's the story from
A Naples man claiming to be a Marine is accused of breaking a tow truck driver's jaw after an incident involving another man's car being towed because it was broken down on a highway in Bonita Springs.

Kyle Joseph Poorman, 27, of the 2900 block of West Crowne Point Road, was charged with felony battery in the early Sunday morning incident. Bond was denied.

According to Lee County Sheriff's Office reports:

Brian Buckler, 42, a tow truck driver for G&C Towing, was dispatched to tow a car from U.S. 41 South and River Homes Boulevard. Buckler met the owner, Oscar Lopez-Morales, 22, and Poorman. Buckler and Lopez-Morales agreed the disabled car would be towed to the Kmart parking lot for $55. Lopez-Morales had no cash, so Poorman went to an ATM and gave Butler $60, requesting the $5 difference. Butler told the men he didn't have change and asked them to go to a gasoline station to get it.

Poorman began to get confrontational and said: "There's going to be owing nothing," and showed Buckler his Marine Corps dog tags and said: "You just disrespected a United States Marine." Butler was struck in his face several times, and ran toward the gas station, asking the clerk to call 911. Medics confirmed Buckler's jaw was broken and his employer took him to the hospital.

Poorman told deputies: "He disrespected me, so I beat him. I'm a United States Marine." When asked if he wanted to tell his side, he replied "(expletive) you, I want a lawyer."

Lopez-Morales gave a similar story as the tow truck driver.

After Poorman was arrested and deputies completed the report, Poorman made spontaneous utterances such as "he disrespected me, so I punched him," and "I will get off on this anyways."

It was not clear from the report if Poorman is a Marine.

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