Monday, February 15, 2010

VA Residents Praise "Snow Heroes" - Including Towers!

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FALLS CHURCH, Va. - Many people helped us survive the recent snow storms. Some might even call them "snow angels." While the people we talked to Friday joked they wouldn't call themselves heroes, others have called them that.
Billy Vinson with Henry's Wrecker Service has been someone's savior more times than he can count this week. He has pulled cars, trucks, just about anything on wheels, out of some tough spots.

"I think they were pretty relieved to see a tow truck and the fact that we're still getting around they were worried nobody would get to themEven during the worst of the storm when we were told to stay off the roads, he and the rest of Henry's Wreckers rushed to 100 calls.

"You get about 2,3 hours sleep and you're back out again," he shared.

A very tired Vince Cesnauskas has gotten his fare share of thanks, too. Afterall, some might not be able find their cars if it were not for him.

"It takes about like two, maybe a one, and it takes them two, three hours," said Cesnauskas, who operates a front-end loader.

It's these resilient roamers who made a disastrous situation less daunting. They include power crews who are getting the lights back on and plow truck drivers who are making roads passable.

When any true emergencies did arise, Nurse Vanessa Johnson was practically living in the emergency room. It was three-and-a-half days before she finally headed home.

"We're here for the community. This is what we do," stated Johnson. "This is what we signed up for when we went into healthcare."

The power companies shared with us Friday some emails they received from customers who thanked them profusely for promptly fixing any outages. One wrote: "Just like the mailman, your service is taken for granted till it's not available. Thank you for your hard work."

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