Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Close Call In CO

Here's the story from www.krdo.com:

COLORADO SPRINGS - A Springs Tow Truck Driver says he was in a hit and run accident involving a military vehicle. Kim Parsons says he was startled after a truck he was trying to hook up was side swiped, "I crawled up to the front I crawled underneath put my safety chains on and as I was doing that I heard a scraping noise on the side of this vehicle."

When Kim got out from under the truck he says, "I saw a military Hemet speeding away he didn't even slow down or get over when he saw the vehicle." The damage to the truck Kim was towing is estimated around a thousand dollars. Kim says he's shocked a military vehicle hit him and ran off, "I would have thought he would have known better, they stress safety in the military."

Kim says the person responsible has been caught and says the National Guard admits to his company one of their trucks was involved he says, "where I was located at he could have easily killed me."

We went to the Colorado Springs Armory, but were told no one there could speak with us regarding this matter. We did hear a Major with the Guard tell the Operations Manager of the tow truck company that "he would do everything possible to make this situation right." We talked with a public affairs officer from the guard who tells us they are investigating the situation.

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