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Friday, February 5, 2010

How A Tow Truck Is Born

Cool post on Airport Towing's blog!
Miller Industries, Inc. is the nation’s largest manufacturer of tow trucks and towing equipment. This month, some of us from Airport Towing had the opportunity to tour the factory 2,600 miles away from our Seattle area office in Ooltewah, Tennessee. The Miller facility is just outside the city of Chattanooga, where the first tow truck was invented in 1916 by Ernest Holmes. Today, Holmes is a division of Miller Industries. Miller also produces Century, Vulcan, Chevron, Challenger, Champion, Eagle, SP Series, Boniface, and Jige towing and recovery units.
Read the rest of the blog post and view all the photos by clicking here.


jaredstorer said...

Thanks for noticing, Cyndi! We had a blast at Miller and I was hoping that a few people that love tow trucks and enjoy learning more about them might find their way to our site to follow our experience of the factory. You do a great job with Footnotes! Keep up the good work!

Cyndi Kight, Associate Editor of Towing & Recovery Footnotes said...

Thanks, Jared!