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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

San Antonio Suspends Another Towing Company

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SAN ANTONIO -- The City of San Antonio has suspended another towing company for not helping drivers fast enough.

City officials say Associated Towing Service, which takes calls on the Northwest Side, was suspended for 20 days because it was not getting the job done within the 30 minutes allowed.

"You have motorists stranded on the highway, and that's a dangerous situation," explained San Antonio Police Chief Bill McManus. "And you also have police officers who remain out of service until those wreckers get there. So, we have to have that 30-minute response time or less."

This is the second time since October that a city towing contractor has been punished.

News 4 WOAI spoke to the head of Associated Towing, who said the problems have been fixed. The company does not disagree with the suspension and will get back to work once it is lifted.

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