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Friday, February 5, 2010

Oldie, But A Goodie

Found this pic on the BigLorryBlog. Cool!

Here's the post:
"Hi Brian", says Mark Simiele in ( I think) Connecticut in the USA, "Thought the BLB fans would like this huge 1975 Mack DM 897SX with a 1988 45 ton Challenger boom. The striking colours, fine appearance and the fact that DMs of this type were rarely utilised as wreckers really make this truck stand out. When I photographed it in 2004 it was owned by High Point garage of Union City, NJ. However, it's now owned by Fran-Rock Garage of Suffern, NY and as of 2009 is still working. This truck started life out as a heavy haul tractor for a Philadelphia based rigger and then was converted into a long wheelbase wrecker by High Point. Enjoy!" And click on the photo for a bigger image...

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