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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Update on NE Tower Hit On Sunday

Here's the story from
The owner of a tow truck company thought his coworker and friend was dead after being struck by a car on Sunday near Fremont. It now appears Henry Chillingworth, 64, is going to recover.Mike Stolley and Chillingworth were trying to tow a car near Highway 275 and Highway 36 when the driver of a car lost control in near white-out conditions and came right at them. Stolley was thrown to the ground while Chillingworth took a direct hit.“Just at the time I went and got the chain, here comes this car and Henry saw it coming. He tried to jump out of the way,” Stolley said. “I got out and went back to see how everyone was and I seen Henry laying there and thought, ‘Oh my God.’”Stolley said a snow bank may have saved his friend’s life.“Landing in the snow, it was like a big pillow,” he said.The driver of the car, Brandon O’Meara, told investigators he saw the emergency lights on Stolley’s tow truck, but visibility was so bad he didn’t see them in time. O’Meara later went to Chillingworth’s home to personally apologize.Friends said Chillingworth has undergone several tests. They said he’s doing fine, other than being extremely sore.

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