Tuesday, August 17, 2010

TRAA To Introduce New Insurance Program For Members

Here's an excerpt from National Towing News, the newspaper of the TRAA:
TRAA's new program includes:
  • Large selection of health insurance plans and companies
  • Dental, Life Insurance, Disability, Cancer, Accident, Critical Illness, Vision and Long-term Care Insurance
  • Consumer information about the various types of health plans (PPOs, HSAs, HMOs) including pros and cons of each type of plan
  • For those with employees, the program provides guidance on employer-sponsored health care plans, including contribution rules, participation requirements, COBRA, HIPAA and more
  • Information to help towers understand and manage specific medical conditions and health issues
  • Valuable information on wellness, prevention and disease management
  • Resources for the uninsured and those with uninsurable medical conditions

Unfortunately, most national associations, including TRAA, are not able to offer true group coverage for their members due to legal restrictions. Although federal legislation allowing association group plans has been proposed in Congress many times, it has never made it through the legislative process for approval. Until such law passes, we must work within the state-controlled regulatory framework that governs personal and small business health insurance. Each state is responsible for regulating its own insurance markets, and the result is that plan availability, rates and underwriting rules vary greatly from state to state. Therefore, our health insurance varies in availability, rates and underwriting from state to state.

Worldwide Insurance Services, Inc., a national independent broker, in business since 1989 and representing more than 50 insurance companies, administers the TRAA program.

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