Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New "Swap Meet" Online Parts Site: Ahwooga

Here's the press release:
Ahwooga!  It's the car horn battle cry made famous in 1927 with Ford's Model A, a sound that's endured through the decades.  Now, a new Ahwooga (http://www.ahwooga.com) battle cry has emerged with the launch of an upstart online swap meet site.  Ahwooga.com has grown in seven short months to offer more than 100,000 new and used auto, truck, motorcycle, boat and airplane parts, as well as tools and technical manuals from a wide variety of sellers.  The site is also a hub for vintage and restored car buffs who sell, or are in search of, rare or difficult to source parts.

Founders Joe Chirco and Don Wiggins, auto industry veterans and car buffs, conspired to turn sites like EBay and Amazon on their heads. Their combined strengths translated into a site that offers e-commerce and classified advertising with no "big Internet guy" intervention.

"Each seller manages his or her own 'store,'" says Wiggins. "Contact information is listed so buyers can call or email sellers for more facts and photos.  The transaction can be completed between the two parties on the
phone or, for those who prefer using the web, on our secure site.  You cannot find this friendly interaction on other similar sites."

Ahwooga.com does not dictate payment or shipping methods. It's all up to the seller.  "Unlike other sites, the seller doesn't pay a transaction fee to Ahwooga," Wiggins added.  The site also offers visitors the following
-    Online and offline support
-    Import tool and bulk uploading
-    No final sales fees
-    Open Communication Between Buyer & Sellers
-    Various memberships levels

Chirco, who began selling auto parts in swap meets on the West Coast during the '70s, is satisfied that the site has reduced the endless hours and headaches commonly associated with sourcing quality auto parts.  For example, a buyer in search of someone who specializes in 1968-1972 Chevy Nova parts can search for and locate those sellers on the site.  A conversation can then take place to determine if the part is exactly to
specification, and if so, complete the transaction immediately on the site or over the phone.

Chirco and Wiggins say in recognition of a tough economy, they created a business model that allows sellers to keep the money they make. Membership plans are straightforward: non-members pay $1 per listing. Members can choose a variety of plans that begin at $25 for 75 listings to upwards of $250 for up to 5,000 listings.

Not in the mood to buy or sell?  Chirco and Wiggins invite car buffs to come to the site, sit back and enjoy the ride. "We offer a wish list for buyers to identify and organize what they need and what they might want to purchase later, "Wiggins says. "It's all done in the spirit of the original 'Model A: make it easier for people to connect and do business with one another."

Visit Ahwooga.com at SEMA booth #23078 in Hod Rod Alley.  For more information, visit www.ahwooga.com, email ahwooga@gmail.com, call (520) 261-0044 or follow on twitter @ahwooga and on Facebook at http://bit.ly/bqeaDs.

About ahwooga.com
Ahwooga.com (www.ahwooga.com) was conceived by automotive industry veteran Joe Chirco and business executive Don Wiggins. Together with a team of experts from all sectors of transportation, the team launched the site with one objective: facilitate the buying and selling of auto and other transportation parts, tools and manuals in one seamless site that allows for direct communication and ecommerce transactions. The site is also a hub for vintage and restored car buffs that sell, or are in search of, rare or difficult to source parts. For more fun, contests and quick facts, check out Ahwooga.com on Facebook and Twitter.  

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