Thursday, August 5, 2010

New IL Law To Protect Car, Truck Drivers From Wreck Chasers

Here's the Land Line Mag story:
A new law in Illinois is intended to stop feeding frenzies by tow truck drivers at wrecks.
Tow truck owners and operators in Illinois have been allowed to solicit damaged and disabled vehicles along the roadside, whether they are four-wheelers or large trucks.
Gov. Pat Quinn signed into law a bill prohibiting tow truck operators from stopping at the scene of an accident unless law enforcement, or the owner or operator of the vehicle, has contacted them. HB4860 took effect immediately.
“This law helps protect the rights of Illinois’ motorists and will improve safety on our roads,” Quinn stated. “We must do everything we can to keep our drivers safe, especially when they find themselves in a vulnerable situation.”
Rep. John D’Amico, D-Chicago, said the new law protecting car and truck drivers addresses a big problem with wreck chasers.
“They are taking advantage of people in a bad situation. This way the tow truck driver on the scene was called by the person or the police officer. You’re going to know where your car is, and you’re going to know how much it’s going to cost,” D’Amico told Land Line Now on Sirius XM. “It’s just one more layer of protection for people on the road.”

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