Monday, September 28, 2009

Woman Tries To Sell Son For $10 To FL Tow Truck Driver

Here's the story from the Sun-Sentinel:

Marcy Pappalardo did the unthinkable.

A tow truck driver said Pappalardo pulled up next to him at a red light in Melbourne and made a proposition he couldn't believe.

She asked if he wanted to give her $10 for gas money for the kid in the back.


The tow truck driver said after he turned down the offer he immediately called 911 and then followed the car several miles north on US-1 and even after the car turned around until sheriff's deputies caught up reports WFTV News.

She said he was lying.

The passenger in the car with Pappalardo admitted she was just released from jail after being arrested on drug charges.

She said they did ask him for money, but that was it.

The driver said he had nothing to gain from this and ended up losing time at work.

"I have kids of my own. I have no means to make something like this up," the driver said.

Officers said the child neglect charges stem from the accusation that she tried to sell her child.

But they said there were other aspects of this incident they wanted to look into.

Photo: WFTV News

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