Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Interim Study To Examine OK's Wrecker Services

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A state Senate committee plans to take a close look at wrecker service rates.

The Senate Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee will convene an interim study on the issue on Wednesday.

Senator Don Barrington of Lawton, who chairs the committee, says he wants to find out what a fair and equitable charge is for wrecker service. Barrington says that due to inflation and increased operational costs, wreckers are not being fully compensated.

Oklahoma law dictates what wrecker services can charge. The Oklahoma Wrecker Owners Association says Oklahoma has some of the lowest wrecker rates in the region and has not had a rate increase since May 2004.

Since then, fuel prices have increased as much as 400 percent while insurance fees have increased 50 to 70 percent for many operators.

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