Thursday, September 17, 2009

Everyday Tow Hero In AL

Kudos to AL tow truck driver David Jackson who stopped and assisted at an accident scene, using his tow truck to pull a truck out of a lake.

Here's the story from WVUA -7:
Drivers and a tow truck driver are getting credit for saving another driver whose car slammed into a lake.

A van collided with a red truck sending the truck into a lake off Rice Mine Rd. in Tuscaloosa Wednesday. Several drivers jumped out of their cars and pushed the truck to the bank.

Truck driver David Jackson was passing by and noticed that something was wrong. He used his tow truck to pull the truck out of the lake, but he doesn’t want to be considered a hero.

“To me the two guys that swam and actually pulled the truck were the hero’s,” Jackson said.

Police on the scene told us the driver of the truck was conscious when he was taken to the hospital.

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