Wednesday, September 16, 2009

CTTA To Develop Team To Combat Gov't-Owned Impound Facilities

Here's the press release:
Responding to concerns of California Tow Truck Association (CTTA) members regarding governmental agencies competing in what has been considered private sector business by establishing government operated towing and/or storage facilities, the CTTA Board of Directors called a special meeting that was held September 2009 to further explore avenues to assist privately owned towing companies in California to combat this growing trend.

“After extensive discussion during the meeting among the CTTA Board of Directors, we are pleased to report that the CTTA Board of Directors unanimously voted for our Legislative Committee to develop economic studies and informational and educational materials to assist in educating city and county officials who may be considering opening government owned and operated towing and/or storage facilities”, states Jim Kruger, CTTA State President

“In addition, the Board of Directors unanimously voted to lay the ground work for the development of regional “REACT Teams” to be utilized in offering further assistance to our over 1000 towing company members. The regional “REACT Teams,” comprised of industry leaders, will offer assistance to towing companies to convey the detrimental economic impact to small business and to the constituents in the city and/or county, should they choose to engage in a government owned towing and/or storage facility,” explained Jeff Hunter, CTTA Executive Director.

“Although we were pleased by the unanimous decision by the San Bernardino City Council voting to reject the proposal presented by the San Bernardino Police Department to create a city run impound yard , the CTTA Board of Directors recognize that the Association must remain diligent to protect the interests of the towing industry. CTTA strongly encourages other governmental entities to take a closer look at the rationale used by the San Bernardino City Council when they voted unanimously to reject the proposal, states Mr. Kruger.

“Governmental agencies must realize that destroying small businesses and industries, which deliver public services to their communities is not the answer to our current governmental cash crunch or structural deficit problems. Governmental agencies do not have the equipment, experience, or training to perform the wide variety of towing and storage services that our members provide,” explained Mr. Kruger

“Our Association understands that governmental agencies may not have accurate information when they are presented with this type of proposal. It is our commitment to our industry and to the towing companies within the State of California to develop tools and resources to assist them in educating governmental agencies and the motoring public of not only the detrimental financial impact that this would have upon private sector towing companies, but also the negative effect that it will have on our California roadways and to the motoring public within their communities,” declared Mr. Hunter.

About the California Tow Truck Association

Founded in 1969, the CTTA was established to provide a means of united efforts in the solution of problems, and to administer such action as might be deemed necessary to benefit the towing industry, to communicate with government agencies on a state and local basis, and to provide a concerted effort toward giving the Towing Industry a better public image and the professional status it deserves.

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