Friday, May 15, 2009

"Wrecked" Star Delivers Crane To IL Company

Fun story from The Carmi Times:
Crossville, Ill. -
Several passerby spotted a tow truck driver Tuesday evening in Crossville and pulled over to get his autograph.OK, so it wasn't just any tow truck driver.It was Mike "Tryk" Trykoski, one of the drivers of O'Hare Towing in Chicago-and one of the guys frequently featured in the SpeedTV program "Wrecked: Life in the Crash Lane."Trykoski posed for pictures and signed for autographs after making a delivery to JD Mechanical in Crossville and before heading home to the Windy City.Here's how it came about:Brothers Jeff and Jim Davis, who operate JD Mechanical, bought a used crane on e-Bay. And they decided to have it delivered to Crossville. The brothers had seen "Wrecked" on TV and decided to call O'Hare. Eventually, they made connections, Trykoski was dispatched and made his way down the state to Crossville.

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