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Friday, May 8, 2009

Towing Industry Transitions: Horton Truck & Equipment Co.

Here's the letter from Danny Horton:

Dear friends,
I am announcing a shelf clearing sale (CASH & CHECK ONLY) (ALL SALES FINAL) of all parts on May 12 & 13th (10AM till 3PM) 2009. This will include miscellaneous display items and some shop equipment. At that time Horton Truck & Equipment Company will cease “active” daily business. I ask you to “please” take time to read all the information below.

We, the Horton Family (which includes many of our customers and former employees) have had quite a ride. The ride is “not” over, just a change of chapters! Sixteen (16) years as one of America ’s largest, most respected and recognized towing equipment dealerships. We have been voted “Favorite Towing & Equipment Dealer” (Tow Times 2001), received Best of Show Displays, awards for sales volume (to many to list), brought new products to the industry such as the first T-Crane at a tow show (P.W.O.F.) in the States, numerous lighting and truck dress items first to market, supported T.R.A.A., V.A.T.R.O., T.R.P.M. as well as other Associations and Shows, the Museum and Wall of the Fallen, sponsored countless training seminars around the country, many years training for Ross Kinman, and proudly always supported children’s charities and events. I list these items not to boast, but simply say to we are proud to have been able to “give back” to an industry that has given us so very much. In my new position outlined below I will do my very best to carry on this tradition of support. Just recently, we were awarded the Gold Circle Award for Outstanding Dealer for 2008 for a manufacturer we recently sold products for. This was done even in the worst of times and we have you our friends to thank for that. We have it proudly displayed next to last years President’s Award, along with this year’s Platinum Sales Award from another brand. In the past you also made us number three in the nation for another manufacturer. As a factory salesman and dealer I have been fortunate to be involved in the sale of nearly 5,000 tow equipment units. We strive to be fair priced while offering service and support second to none.

On a personal note I thank my wife Tonya for 30 years of all I have put her thru. Every receipt, deal folder, payable, payroll, answering the phone, and the list goes on. Did I mention she takes care of the house and cooks? Her constant support never wavered. While everyone seems to think you can’t be married and work together, yes you can!

For Dallas who started 10 years ago coming in when he got out of school early and watching him grow and build relationships all over the Country, to becoming one of the most knowledgeable parts people in this Industry. The past few years he has been in complete charge of our massive booths at shows, managed our Parts and Service departments, spec’d and ordered our show trucks and much more. Dallas has also attended many training classes. >From light duty to rotator schools he almost always becomes involved in setting up the “casualties” as well as working the recoveries.

Our son Miles has been in school at Longwood University but has taken time to do the artwork for many of our ads and nearly all the artwork and graphics for our catalogs which became the Nations second largest of its kind. He also provides support for our website. Miles is graduating from Longwood University this Saturday May 9th with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting. It has truly been a family business.

As for myself, I am excited and honored to have been offered the position of Vice President Sales for Proton Towing Equipment for North America, Canada , and Mexico . As the saying goes “when one door closes another one opens”. The book on Danny Horton is “not” over; just the chapter on Horton Truck & Equipment Co. Businesses of all kinds can certainly use a break in equipment cost while still receiving quality equipment. I can assure everyone that parts and service support will be paramount. Visit us at . Check out the equipment, install and service options, and pricing on the web site.

My cell number remains the same 571-259-0442 and I will take calls anytime I can. Please leave a message if I miss you. I will be available and able to assist in helping you with your towing equipment needs. I want to assure “everyone” that neither Dallas nor I, are through in the Towing Industry! This is our life and passion. Hope to see everyone soon.

May God Bless each of you,
Danny Horton
“Working on a Dream”


72bc5d0e-7ab3-11e0-9809-000bcdca4d7a said...

I had wondered where you all were! I have missed seeing your company at the shows and I have missed speaking to Dallas on the phone. You were a great company that I enjoyed doing business with, and I want to say that I really have missed you all. We were just talking about you, and I had really hoped nothing bad had happened to your family. I thought about you all tonight and just did a search online and found this. I am glad that it was just a 'new chapter' and nothing else! I pray your new business venture is blessed!
Joanie Bolton
President, Next Generation Tool Company

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