Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Everyday Tow Hero In SC

Kudos to tow truck driver Benjamin Humphries... and a round of applause to reporter Jonathan Carlson for actually tracking Humphries down!!! Here's the NewsChannel 7 story:

By Jonathan Carlson
Published: May 6, 2009

A shed bursts into flames, and a good samaritan helps save a jeep—parked just inches from the fire.

The owner wanted to find the man who did it, so he could say thanks.

Aaron Cowden’s Greenville home was close to catching fire when his nearby shed burst into flames yesterday.

Fumes from gas cans inside ignited the fire, we’re told.

Aaron says he lost thousands of dollars of equipment. But the bigger story here is the random act of kindness, in the midst of an all around bad day.

His friend’s jeep, filled with flammable gas, was quickly pulled from the flames, and saved from destruction, by a tow truck operator, who was just…driving by.

Benjamin humphries—the helpful tow truck driver—went unnamed—until we tracked him down.

He told us, “I noticed the fire right beside the jeep… dropped the car i had on my back… and grabbed the guy’s jeep… pulled it out of the way because there wasn’t nobody home.“

“(reporter: “Did you have any idea the owner of that jeep was looking for you to thank you?“) “No..I had no idea…not a clue until you called me…(laughs).“

He says helping others in times of need is what he does. The owners of that jeep and the house plan to call Benjamin to say thank you.

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