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Friday, May 15, 2009

Road Rage Incident In MN Turns To Assault, Mace

Here's the story from the Star News:

On May 11 at 3:55 p.m. police received a radio call of a road rage incident that turned into an assault. According to the report, a tow truck driver accidently cut off another vehicle in the left lane of Highway 169 near Main Street in Elk River.After the incident, the driver of the other vehicle that was cut off approached the driver of the tow truck with a stick, and was subsequently maced by the tow truck driver.Both vehicles ended up pulling into the SuperAmerica lot on Main Street after the incident, where the driver who was maced requested medical attention.Elk River Ambulance did respond to assist, and the man refused transport.The tow truck driver told police he maced the man because he feared being assaulted based upon the threats made.The 28-year-old driver with the stick, which turned out to be a cane, was cited for firth degree assault and disorderly conduct.

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