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Friday, May 8, 2009

Everyday Tow Heroes In NY

Round of applause to John's Towing Company of Tonawanda! They did a good deed and created a training situation all in one. Way to go! Here's the Buffalo News story:

Cranes, trailers and towing equipment are busy this morning pulling an assortment of boats and vehicles out of the crater that formed after a landslide sheared away much of the Morphy family's Amherst property.

The house is considered a total loss, but a specialty, recovery and rescue towing operator showed up this morning to begin the tough but delicate job of pulling out three boats and a truck that slid into the Tonawanda Creek bed two weeks ago.

By late morning, John's Towing from the Town of Tonawanda had pulled a large tree off a black motor boat and successfully dragged the boat out of the crater.

"It's just fantastic, the heavy duty equipment these guys brought in," said Jody Morphy, who owns the house and property at 4250 Tonawanda Creek Road with her husband. "They're being so careful and so gentle to try and not disturb the ground."

The best part is, the company has agreed to do the work for free to assist the family with its plight.

Mike Kotak, towing and recovery operations manager for John's Towing, said the company has a Heavy Duty Rescue and Recovery division and often works with firefighters and police in emergency situations.

"I said, let's use this as a training exercise," Kotak said.

He added that the company often responds to catastrophic events in the area because the company is equipped with cranes, excavators and other special equipment, including the Jaws of Life.

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