Thursday, June 26, 2008

Unnamed Tow Truck Driver A Hero To New Parents

Interesting story from Canada's Toronto Star:


The proud parents of a baby boy born on one of Toronto’s busiest highways this morning are considering naming him after his unusual birthplace, a hospital spokesperson says.

Vulpien Nzopfabarushe was driving pregnant wife Debbie McDonald to Toronto East General Hospital when they realized the baby was not going to wait, the spokesperson said.

Nzopfabarushe pulled over on the southbound lanes of the Don Valley Parkway near Wynford Dr. just after 8 a.m.

He frantically dialed 911 and with the help of an emergency services dispatcher he was able to deliver his son himself.

By the time ambulance and Toronto Fire arrived at the scene, the baby was already born and was lying on his mother’s lap, said Toronto Fire District Chief Stephan Powell.

The baby was given oxygen because he was a little blue, Powell said, but for the most part the infant was "crying and kicking and doing normal baby things."

Powell said a tow truck driver became a Good Samaritan when he pulled over to help officials keep the family safe during the delivery.

The driver parked his rig to protect the vehicle and even redirected traffic to avoid any potential crashes.

Unfortunately, amidst the chaos, nobody was able to get his name or the name of his company, said Powell.

Toronto Police Traffic Services expressed their gratitude to the driver.

"In cases like this, citizens do rise to the occasion and do help out," said Const. Mig Roberts of Toronto Police Traffic Services.

"We’d like to say a thank you to the tow truck driver and to any citizens who were in the area who facilitated the safe delivery of the child."

Both the mother and the baby were taken to Toronto East General Hospital, where they recovered quickly, a hospital spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said Nzopfabarushe and McDonald are considering naming the baby boy Shawn Don. They chose Shawn because all five of his brothers' names start with "Sh" and Don because he was born on the Don Valley Parkway.

The couple is expected to make a statement through the hospital's media relations department later this afternoon.

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