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Thursday, June 5, 2008

PWOF Speaks Out Against Predatory Towing/Booting

Since TowTruck Company of Orlando (FL) started booting illegally-parked (and, some say, legally-parked ones, too) vehicles in private parking lots they patrol, there' s been a flurry of media attention. In this story from the Orlando Sentinel, the Professional Wrecker Operators of Florida has spoken out.
Bob Cortes, owner of a Longwood tow-truck company and the regional head of a trade group that represents towing companies, said the issue deserves attention. Cortes spoke to Sheehan and Orange County officials about regulating booting, either by banning it or by removing the financial incentive by allowing companies to charge only $10 to remove the boot.

"We do not support predatory towing and pricing," said Cortes, of the Professional Wrecker Operators of Florida. "There are always going to be those one or two bad apples that give the rest of us a bad name."

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Anonymous said...

The last time i checked in florida that the owner of the property had to be present to sign the tow bill. I did not find where this had changed. It is not predatory towing. Also charging a price that is comparable with other towing companies in the area and/or the set city/county rate is legal and not out of line. The vehicle owner who is illegally parked should bear responsibility for his actions and no one elese. If a property owner has a vehicle towed that wal legally parked then they should pay the owner back with out any trouble...