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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Orlando, FL Towing Co.'s Booting Activity Raises Ire

TowTruck Company of Orlando, described as "Orlando's most notorious tow-truck company," has been booting cars in private parking lots instead of towing them. Some legally, some illegally, according to the story, and the city is looking into the issue since booting is not covered in the rules.
The city tightened its towing rules two years ago, largely in response to the same company's aggressive practices. But the City Council never thought about boots, so the ordinance doesn't mention it.
Read the whole story here.

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Turin said...

TowTruck Company are moving into towing in residential areas and they will tow for minor things like your parking decal being completely visible but being in the wrong spot of the window or my friend who's tire went flat in the middle of the night and found out in the morning when his car was gone. They are crooks and need to get a real job rather than stealing peoples cars in the middle of the night when they are asleep in their apartment