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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Free Gallon of Gas Instead of a Tow

Here's a story from in Sacaramento, CA on another way some motorists are dealing with high fuel prices:

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) ― If you run out of gas on the freeway, a tow truck from the Freeway Service Patrol can give you a gallon of gas for free. The idea is to give you enough to get to the nearest gas station, but some people are abusing the service.

Sierra Hart Towing monitors all of the area's freeways and said some people purposefully run out of gas just to get a free gallon. Tow truck drivers are reporting that they sometimes find the same people in the same spot on the same day, stranded and asking for help.

"We've seen guys doing it going into work and coming back from work," said Bill Luna from Sierra Hart Towing.

When truck drivers suspect that they've encountered a repeat offender, they sometimes offer to tow them to the nearest gas station for free. Few take up the offer.

"A lot of them just get in their car and drive away," said Will Dunn from Sierra Hart Towing.

Taxpayers ultimately foot the bill, because the towing company is partly funded by the state government.

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