Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Parents Sue Tow Truck Driver, Bar for Daughter's DUI Death

This was an item in a Texas legal journal called the Southeast Texas Record:
Seeking monetary compensation after their daughter was killed while driving drunk, the parents of Megan Watkins have filed suit against the establishment that sold their daughter alcoholic beverages, the tow truck driver she hit head on and the daughter's insurance company.

Melissa Dwyer and Jerome Watkins filed their suit against The Dixie Dance Hall, Travis Darby, Independent Specialty Towing (Darby's employer) and Allstate Insurance Co. on June 23 in the Jefferson County District Court.

The late Watkins' parents also requested a temporary restraining order prohibiting the defendants from tampering with evidence. Judge Bob Wortham approved the TRO on the same day the suit was filed, June 23.

Only three weeks ago, on June 5, 2008, Watkins was driving drunk when she hit Darby's tow truck head on.

Watkins parents allege the incident was caused by Darby, who had "stopped his vehicle in the middle of the roadway which caused a head-on collision," the suit says.
Read the complete version here.

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