Friday, April 1, 2011

TX Passes Tow Truck "Move Over" Law!

Round of applause! Here's the story from WTAW News Talk 1620:

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) _ Motorists could face new penalties for passing tow trucks on the highway unless they slowed down or changed lanes.Without any debate, the Texas House unanimously approved legislation Wednesday adding tow trucks to the law requiring motorists to move over or slow down when passing law enforcement or emergency vehicles, such as police cars or ambulances. The tow trucks would have to have their emergency lights flashing.Motorists who violate the law would face a fine of up to $200 — akin to a speeding ticket — or more if the violation causes an accident and causes property or bodily damage.Advocates say the bill, pushed by towing interests, is needed to protect tow truck operators who routinely work in extremely dangerous conditions on Texas highways.

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