Thursday, April 21, 2011

OR Tow Operator Injured

We hope Matt Stuart of Retriever Towing recovers quickly! Here's the story from
PORTLAND -- A tow truck operator was injured after he was hit by a man who was trying to illegally retrieve his car from a tow yard Tuesday night, police said.
"We'd really like to have some help from the public in finding this guy," said Gary Coe, owner of Retriever Towing.
Once caught, the suspect will be charged with vehicular assault. The suspect's vehicle was described as a black Subaru Outback Impreza.  It has a California license plate 5TIC397.
It happened at approximately 5 p.m. at Retriever Towing's property in NW Portland.  Coe said the man showed up to get his car after it was towed from a parking lot near MLK and Washington earlier in the day.
"He asked how much the car was," said employee Chris Jones.  "I explained it to him how much it was."
Jones said the man realized he was short about $20.  He then darted onto the lot and jumped in his car.
Surveillance photos: Suspect in impound lot
"He proceeded to go ahead, rev up his engine and start his car, and went towards the gate," said Jones.
Jones tried to stop the man.  He was joined by his co-worker, Matt Stuart.
"Eventually I was able to get out of his way as he went through our gate," said Jones.  "Matt was pinned between the car and the gate and he fell backwards and hit his head on the asphalt behind him."
Jones said the man raced off the lot and drove away as Stuart laid on the ground, bleeding from his head.
Photos: Injured tow truck operator
"It was pretty disturbing to see my co-worker looking up at me with a glossy-eyed look in his face and seeing the blood underneath his head."
"There's no sense in getting foul," said Coe.  "I just hope we can find the person and bring him to justice."
Fortunately, Stuart will be okay.  He was released from Good Samaritan Hospital at around 8 p.m. and is at home recovering.
Stuart told KGW Wednesday that he is sore but thankful to be alive. He said he was anxious for the man who hit him to be captured.
Anyone with information that may help investigators was urged to call Portland police.

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Anonymous said...

That gentleman who "retrieved" his vehicle was probably desperate and felt conned like 80% of Retriever Towing's victims. I say Kudos to him and I hope he never gets caught. As well, too bad he wasn't travelling faster. More citizens should defy Mr. Coe's criminal empire. Who cares about this putz and his minor injuries? I'm sure he's caused way more pain and hardship to others many times over.