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Monday, January 11, 2010

TN Tow Truck Driver Remembered

Here's the New Year's Eve video report and story from Nashville's WZTV FOX 17:
On every tow Tony Thomas goes to he arrives with a memorial to his former co-worker on the rear windshield.

It says "In memory of Eddy McCreery."

"He was just a good guy all around good guy would do anything for you," said Thomas.

McCreery died in October when he was struck by a car while helping tow his daughter.

Police say the driver, Katrina Cornwell, had been drinking.

The accident is on a lot of minds this New Years Eve because of a service McCreery's employer provides.

Bailey's Wrecker Service offers free towing for intoxicated drivers.

Owner Randy Bailey says he started the free tows about six years ago.

"We see a lot of drunk driving accidents. We see innocent people killed everyday from people making poor choices of drinking and driving," said Bailey.

McCreery was a frequent participant in the service, which makes his death all the more personal this holiday season.

"This year our drivers heads are heavier than normal due to the loss of Eddy but we're hoping to save other people's lives through this tragedy," said Bailey.

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