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Monday, January 18, 2010

Close Call In MI

Luckily, tow truck driver Sean White made it through this head-on, wrong way crash on Jan. 15 without major injury! Here's the story from
Three men are dead after a wrong way crash on westbound Interstate 94 near 12 Mile Road on the Roseville and St. Clair Shores border in an attempt to steal men's body wash, said police.
Police said a Ford Fusion occupied by three men, all in their 50s, suspected of retail fraud from a CVS Pharmacy were involved in a chase with St. Clair Shores police just after midnight.Officers said the men were shoplifting bottles of Axe Body Wash for men from the store located at 11 Mile and Harper roads in St. Clair Shores."These individuals were observed stuffing some items down their pants," said St. Clair Shores Police Lt. Mike Walleman.
Police said they ended the chase before the men's vehicle entered the westbound lanes of I-94 at 11 Mile Road – going the wrong direction.The car traveled eastbound at about 90 mph before clipping a minivan with three people inside. The driver of that van suffered minor injuries.The car then ran head-on into a tow truck.The three men in the car died in the collision.Sean White was behind the wheel of that tow truck."Everything just happened so fast. I thought I was gone the way the car was coming. I thought I was a goner," White said.After spending the night in a hospital, White returned home. He is stiff and sore but has no serious injuries. He said he knows his tow truck saved him and probably saved other people who were on the freeway at the time."I'm just glad I was there to stop them from hurting anyone else behind me. I know that big truck can handle a lot," White said.The freeway was shut down for several hours Thursday night into Friday morning while police investigated.The Michigan State Police have taken over the investigation. MSP said they are having a hard time identifying the men because none of them had identification. They hope fingerprints will help them identify the men by Saturday.

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