Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Also In MA...

I'm sure his insurance company wasn't real thrilled...
Here's the story from

A Marshfield man escaped injury when a shed fell off a tow truck and crushed the side of his vehicle in Cedarville Monday.

The shed hit a girder while traveling under the Route 3 overpass on Herring Pond Road and fell into oncoming traffic at 7 p.m., hitting a Nissan sport utility vehicle driven by John Perry, 28, of Marshfield.

The shed damaged the entire length of the Nissan’s driver’s side, shattering the window, but Perry was not injured.

The accident limited traffic beneath the highway for more than an hour as crews cleaned the debris and engineers from the state highway department inspected the bridge. Capt. John Rogers said the inspection revealed no structural damage.

The tow truck is owned by J and R. Towing of Wareham. The driver, Joshua McKee, 35, of Plymouth, was cited on a charge of operating to endanger.

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