Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fraud Charges Dropped Against Toronto Tow Truck Co. Owner

Here's the Toronto Sun story:

The owner of a Toronto tow-truck company who has a multi-million dollar contract with the police department had fraud charges against him dropped as the result of a polygraph test.

John Long, owner of Downtown Towing, was awarded a towing contract last year with the Toronto Police Services but only had insurance papers for 19 of 21 trucks included in his preliminary bid for the contract.

"It has been a long, long road for me," Long said yesterday.

The Crown dropped the charges against Long, who passed a polygraph "with flying colours," said defence lawyer Calvin Barry.

"He had no knowledge that the two trucks had documentation problems. You can't keep on top of everything. You have to put trust in the people you employ. He had the other trucks good to go," Barry said.

"Mr. Long has no prior criminal convictions and for the final tender all the trucks had documentation ... He has been exonerated."

Barry added he didn't know how the investigation was started against his client.

"It is hard to quantify how all this has affected his business, but since the allegations are behind him, business will go back to the way it was," Barry said. Long had two of his trucks set ablaze

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