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Thursday, January 15, 2009

SouthWest Tow Operators' Leaders Recognized

Congrats to Dan and Joann Messina of SouthWest Tow Operators! They were named American Towman's Tow Man and Tow Woman of 2009. Here's the press release:
Dallas, TX - January 12, 2009- The American Towman, a national magazine for professional towers, has announced that their choice for the 2009 "Towman Of The Year" award, an annual national award presented to recognized leaders of the towing industry, to Dan Messina, and, the very first ever, 2009 "Tow Woman Of The Year" award will go to Joann Messina.

Dan and Joann Messina, married for almost 15 years, are owners of Southwest Auto Tow of Dallas, TX. Southwest Auto Tow has over 900 customers within a 50 mile radius in the Dallas metro area. They are both Executive and Founding Board members of the Southwest Tow Operators. Dan serves as President and Joann serves as Treasurer of the association. Southwest Tow Operators is a professional towing association serving the towing and vehicle storage industry in Texas and with partnerships with other associations in surrounding states. They have been instrumental in the phenomenal growth of the association from 40 members to currently over 700 strong. Joann also serves on the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation Towing and Storage Advisory Board.

The Southwest Tow Operators is very proud of Dan and Joann Messina of receiving this major award and would like to compliment them on their deserved recognition for their exhausting work they have done on behalf of the towing and vehicle storage industry. Their leadership is to be commended.

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Larry Wheeler said...

This company runs illegal towing scams and they all should pay for their abuse including the 2 mentioned in the article who were awarded fake awards....