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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Footnotes' Senior Editor Gives His Two-Cents Worth

Towing & Recovery Footnotes' senior editor, Bill Candler, does it all :) He was quoted in a recent story about Brian Bolus of PA's Minuteman Towing. Here's the (Bloomsburg, PA) Press-Enterprise story:

The popular picture of the tow truck operator is dirty and negative, Brian Bolus

But the owner of Minuteman Towing says the millions he has invested in equipment merits a more attractive image.

That includes clean trucks, well−dressed workers and an attractive headquarters, Bolus says.
When clients visit the Minuteman offices just off Interstate 80 in Mifflinville, they may expect a grease−stained garage, Bolus says.

Instead, they find a tidy and modern office that could offer any kind of professional service. But framed articles in the lobby give away the business at hand, since they encase trade magazines like American Towman, Towing & Recovery Footnotes and "Run Hard.

Minuteman is well−regarded in the industry, says Bill Candler, editor of an industry magazine. Candler has talked with Bolus for stories because Minuteman is known for its big fleet and its snappy image, says Candler of Towing and Recovery Footnotes, based in Norfolk, Va. "It has one of the best reputations I've heard of," he said.

Minuteman has never had a serious accident involving its own vehicles.
By Ben Timberlake
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