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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Keeping Towers Busy & In The News

At least it's good press! Here's a WHSV TV (Harrisonburg, VA) news story:

Jody Collins is a tow truck driver with Drumheller's Towing and Recovery,
serving the Waynesboro and Staunton area. He has been in the business for nearly
15 years and he knows when bad weather comes around, he is in for a busy day.
Collins says, "Usually see fender benders, people sliding into ditches."
It's a time when Collins says he is constantly on-call,
not knowing when he will have to respond to an accident on the icy roads.
He adds, "I work 24 hours a day, 6 days a week."
He says in these conditions, Drumheller's has an extra heavy staff so they won't miss a beat.
Collins says, "When there's snow and ice on the roads, we have 5 or 6
trucks and we usually stay busy during the night and during the day."
Surprisingly, Collins says Tuesday hasn't been busier than most days, but it's later in the night he worries about.
He says, "I rested up because I knew we would be busy tonight."
He says that also means one important thing, adding, "If it's busy tonight...It's going to be busy in the morning."
While Collins will be out and about into the early hours of the morning, he offers his best piece of advice to drivers.
He says, "Try to stay off the roads. Don't come out on the roads early in the morning because it's going to be slick."

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